Minutes a Day

Welcome to the pages of Minutes a Day™, a series of pages dedicated to bringing you free information on a range of simple techniques that could improve well-being, health and happiness. Each can be carried out in just Minutes a Day.

How many minutes are there in each day?
1,440 minutes [24 x 60 = 1,440].

These techniques should only take just 3 or 4 minutes a day.
Can you set aside just that much time for yourself?

View across Lake Wanaka

Modules of ‘Minutes a Day’ are available as very successful onsite training program, from which you can pick and choose as required (or we can put together a unique program for your business). All training in this area is delivered personally by the Minutes a Day founder Jason Parlour. Workshops are available (and have been delivered) around the world.  Jason is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand.

‘Minutes a Day™’ will also be available in a new book. If you’d like to buy a copy for yourself, please sign up to our mailing list to be notified when it’s available to order.

We recommend you start by picking any one of these techniques/chapters from the available list, and make just one small change part of your daily routine. Then, as you find it easier and more natural to do so, start to add additional techniques (whichever you are drawn to the most).

Some of these chapters and workshop headings can be found below:

  • Smiling 🙂
  • Drinking More Water
  • An Introduction To Effective Breathing
  • STOP!
  • The PIES Chart™
  • Self Hypnosis Training
  • Eating Healthier Foods
  • Learning To Relax
  • Listening
  • Transforming Tension
  • Altering Your Posture
  • Connecting With What’s Inside
  • Give A Gift To Someone Else
  • Do Something Inconvenient
  • Accessible Massage Techniques
  • Make Time For Yourself
  • Enjoy The Journey

If you’d like Jason to present to your business group, or to speak at your event, please contact us with details.

For some free introductions to some of these sections, please view our free tasters section.

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