Minutes a Day is a series of online and on-site workshops, and soon to be a book, provided by the founder, Jason Parlour.

Jason has been providing and teaching complementary therapies around the world since 1996. He also founded the Therapy Agency in 2001 as the UK’s first truly national provider of very carefully selected therapists, to help bring stress reduction therapies into workplaces, events, and 1-to-1 to individuals around the UK.

Jason has studied many forms of professional therapies from around the world including Massage, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Thai Chi, Transforming Tension, …


Minutes a Day, are simple, practical methods to help improve your life, and your outlook, that involve just Minutes a Day to implement.  The techniques in themselves aren’t necessarily new.  However, the methods used to teach them, and the simple ideas on how implement them, have been fine tuned over many years, to be effective across a very wide range of audiences.

By gaining his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering honours degree from Cardiff University, whilst also working as a professional therapist, Jason has been taught to break down complex problems, and find the most simple and easy to implement solution, without all the chaff.  This is Minutes a Day.


Stress is such a significant concern in society today, and it isn’t going to stop any time soon. With the mass of ‘self-help’ books out there, all padded through with information that just supports the points, Minutes a Day was set up, to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’.

Only the useful techniques themselves are delivered within minimal information around them, in an easy to understand, easy to implement way.


Physically provided workshops have already been delivered around the world, can be brought into your workplace in under one hour per group.

If you have multiple days available, Minutes a Day workshops can easily utilise the time.

With the new release of ‘Minutes a Day to a better life’ as a book, those techniques can now be taken and learned almost anywhere.


At times to suit you.

Minutes a Day understands the restrictions so many of us have on our time these days.  That’s why it’s all about just ‘Minutes a Day’, not hours.

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