Transforming Tension

Stress is growing almost everywhere in the world. The speed of change is continually increasing. We suffer from activity and information overload.

In Britain nearly 60% of workers complain about stress. The direct and indirect costs of stress are enormous, costing the in the UK alone more than £150million, that’s around £600 per employee, or around two weeks sick leave per year!

The Transforming Tension program is based on the understanding that the key way out of the stress cycle is going in to a resting point within each of us, and using practical methods that can be easily introduced into each of our lives, based on each individuals circumstances.

The Transforming Tension program is unique in many ways. It provides:

  • Clarity about the difference between “managing” stress and “transforming” it.
  • Methods on how we can connect with an inner resting place, so we have a place of peace no matter how hectic the outer circumstances
  • Understandings and methods to diminish four levels of stress – physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. This includes tools to combine activity with rest.
  • A model of the Human Development, which shows how tensions grow and how to reverse this process

The effect of the Transforming Tension approach and methods

People who have used the methods over time have reported changes including:

  • Being more centred, present and objective
  • Having more perspective and humour
  • Increased energy and better health
  • Greater creativity and confidence
  • A knack for relaxing in the midst of chaos
  • Making new and different life choices
  • Lower accident rates in the workplace and lower fuel consumption for drivers

People in all walks of life, young and old, from many cultures, have used this approach at home and in work settings.

The Transforming Tension program also includes:

  • Attention to the participants’ specific interests
  • The chemistry of stress and its effects
  • The effect of relaxation methods
  • The active participation of relaxation methods suitable for each individual
  • How to take steps in an organic, inner motivated, realistic process to relax and develop the quality of life you would like yourself and to share with others
  • A resource manual and a selection of program developments.

Who began the Transforming Tension Program?

Karuna Kress, Ed.D, is the co-creator of the Transforming Tension programme, How to lead a Transforming Tension Seminar, and Multi-Dimensional Coaching. She has a doctorate in Adult Education from Boston University and has worked as a consultant, seminar leader, college teacher and manager for over 30 years.

She was founder and director of the Boston University Leadership Consulting Service, the Associates for Human Resources. She served as the Vice Chancellor of the Osho Multiversity and is an expert in designing learning experiences. She is deeply interested in helping people relax, be themselves, increase their enjoyment and effectiveness in all dimensions of life. She has used all the methods in this programme and many more.

Who is the training for:

This training is for anyone who would like to decrease the tension in their lives, learn to find a place of rest within, perhaps find a new focus on how they may help themselves better, and persons who would like to improve their general state of health and well-being.

People from over 14 countries have already taken part in this training – including England, Germany, Sweden, Greece and the USA.

For the Transforming Tension program, we recommend no more than 14 individuals per training session, although multiple sessions can be arranged to run in parallel.

An introductory taster session with practical methods to take away is also available, please contact us for more information.