‘Final’ tweaks now made to the Minutes A Day website

I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally been able to sort out the little extra tweaks we’ve been keen to do, to the Minutes A Day website today, quite simply adding little rounded corners to each of the text box areas.

For those of you who understand html (website programming at source), this has been done with simple and good CSS, using the CSS for design, and not adapting the html source unnecessarily or excessively to make it work (i.e. trying to work from a table based idea of design).

For those of you who don’t understand html source code, or CSS, quite simply it means designing it this was gives you faster loading times, improved cross-browser compatibility (so it should be accessible both on your computer, mobile phone, and printer, but differently on each), and improved accessibility to screen readers.

Further features will of course be added to the ‘Minutes A Day’ website over the future. We do look forward to continuing what is a pleasure to share.